The Beastly Berwick Boys

March 13, 2011

Hello family and friends!
So I’m here still with Elder Smith, but Elder Peteru has moved on.  It feels different without him here.  I really miss him.  But, we’re moving forward and having a lot of fun.  We took him out to lunch before he left.  It didn’t really hit him that he was going home until Monday night.  He went really quiet all of a sudden, realizing his mission was over.  It’s a big step finishing your mission.
We had a really good week.  Our district has totally changed now.  Elder Talataina is training a new missionary from Samoa named Elder Ilai.  We also have another companionship that moved into Tecoma, Elder Tarawa who is training Elder McKenzie from Brisbane.  Elder Tarawa was just in Shepparton since I left.  He was trained there.  So he is training his third transfer!  That’s really fast.  So, our district now has 2 companionships of new missionaries, which means everybody has to step it up.  New missionaries have the most enthusiasm, and it leaks into everybody else.
I have a good story… we have one investigator family that we meet with when we can.  The mother is Catholic, but struggles a bit with her faith there.  She respects us because of our 2-year sacrifice, so every time we come the whole family treats us very well.  She’s very kind.  Unfortunately, she is also difficult to teach.  For some reason, she loves to talk.  We came over on Friday night and sat down with her.  No joke, she talked for 2 hours straight without interruption.  I sat there silent just laughing to myself, watching the clock, seeing how long she could go.  She talked about some of her experience at work, some things she’s learned from nursing, and also other life experiences.  I can’t really remember everything because I lost track of the context, and never got the chance to ask a question.  It was incredible.  I’ve never met anybody that can talk like that.  After two hours she finally said, “Oh, it’s getting late.  I guess I held the floor this evening!  Sorry!”  Hahaha…
The Solomons came down from Traralgon because I’m going to sing His Hands for the next mission fireside.  It was so good to see them again!  We got mexican food together.  First time I’d had a burrito in over a year.  Not as good as Anna’s.
I’ve also been told by my companions that I’ve been doing some sleepwalking.  Oh boy.
My time is up.  I love you all!  thanks so much for the birthday packages!  See you next time.
Elder Scott Baker

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