Making coffee for a service project

April 4, 2011

G’day folks!
I hit 14 months.  Wow.
This week was a little bit slower, as a lot of our appointments cancelled with the good people we had found.  Hate those weeks.  But, we did have a good lesson with an investigator named Alyssa, a single mum with a little 18-month-year-old daughter Amber.  She was found on the side of the road by some missionaries who helped her with her car.  She appreciated the gesture so much that she is happy to have us over anytime.  We taught her the Restoration this week, and she agreed to get baptized if she found it to be true!  She wants to read the Book of Mormon now.  It’s exciting when you have somebody making progress.  Unfortunately, she has an important weekly even every Sunday that conflicts directly with church.  We’re going to try to bring her to conference this weekend.  We’re also bringing some fellowship to teach with us this week as well.  Stay tuned.
We also started a new weekly service opportunity at an aged care home.  Elder Smith and I went on Friday morning.  Elder Smith made some coffee and scones while I read the newspaper.  We also took some for walks and listened to their stories.  Elder Smith heard the same thing about 4 times.  But that’s okay.  They’re really funny to be with, and they have a lot of great things to talk about.  I enjoyed it a lot.
Last night at the mission president fireside, I sang “His Hands” accompanied by Sister Solomon and another missionary playing the piano and organ.  After I ran thru it for practice the first time, I had Elder Solomon in tears.  I got it on video, so I’ll get it to you soon.  I know I haven’t sent you pictures yet, but I promise I’ll get some soon!  It’s just really hard to put it together!  I’ll give you plenty of media.  Sorry for the delay!  I’m only trying to do the Lord’s work and all.
I have a funny story… Elder Beck and Elder Manuel in Narre Warren were on their way to an appointment, when a young girl jogged past them on the footpath.  Elder Beck waved and said, “Hi!” because you know, that’s what we do.  As they went into the home, they noticed she stopped several meters down.  As they were meeting with their investigator, this girl waited outside for several minutes, and later disappeared.  Later in the evening, they got a call from their investigator saying a letter was put in the mailbox addressed to “the white blonde kid in the shirt and tie.”  She said she would be happy to give him a hug and maybe go out to dinner.  I think he should so he can get a gospel discussion in there.  What do you think?
Today we have the whole zone together to have a barbecue and play some touch rugby.  Also, Elder Smith and I are going to meet with a member who wants to show us how to pick locks.  The neighboring Elders won’t know what hit them.
Things are good.  I miss you all.  Happy spring!  It’s getting colder here.  I love it.  Hope April Fool’s day went well too.  We put cling wrap around Narre Warren’s car, but ran out halfway up and wondered what the point was.  Next time I’ll have to buy more than 30 meters.  Whoops.
I love you all!
Elder Scott Baker

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