Happy Valentine’s Day – Year Mark

Elder Peteru and Elder Smith at our feast - 2 Mackers's Dinner Boxes

Elder Manuel and Elder Baker in Narre Warren on exchanges


February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I can’t believe February is half over.  I swear I had hit my year mark just a few days ago.

This week we’ve battled sickness and allergies.  On Tuesday I could hardly think properly.  It’s also harder to focus on teaching when your nose puts pressure through your whole head.  Over there you’re trying to keep warm, but here we have hay fever.  Aren’t you getting pounded by snow?  That’s what I’ve heard.  We’ve also had flooding from rain.  A lot of our friends have had to rip up their carpets and dry out their books.

This week, we had Elder Hamula visit from the Area Presidency with all the missionaries.  I find it incredible how I walked into the meeting feeling sick, tired, exhausted, and a bit irritated, but as the meeting continued and he talked more, I felt reassured, stronger, and more hopeful.  General authorities have the ability to eloquently explain wisdom and new light and persepective that reminds you why what we do is important.  For example, whenever we are using our personalities as an excuse, using the phrase, “That’s just who I am,” we are choosing to damn ourselves.  We stop our own progression when we label ourselves as incapable.  A quote a mentioned was, “To achieve goals we have never before achieved, we must do things we have not ever done before.”  That’s only a snippet of what he talked about. I’m glad I took notes.

We had a service project with a family who needed help with clearing out some rubbish.  We spent some times playing sports with their kids.  These kids used to live next door to me when I was starting my mission.  Their names are Jarn, Aliya, and Zach.  We had an idea to organize a sports day with all of the primary kids and also the families that we are working with.  A lot of the people we know have kids.  I remember playing games like crazy kickball back when I was at Wellington with Mr. S.  We want to make a big activity for the kids so they can make friends.  It’s probably the most fun way to do missionary work that I can think of.

On Sunday we had stake conference, but this one was different from what I’ve seen before.  We actually met via a broadcast from Salt Lake with the general authorties speaking to 34 Stakes in Australia and Papua New Guinea.  Elder Patrick Kearon conducted and spoke.  He also spoke in General conference back in November.  We also got to hear from President Uchtdorf and Elder Scott.  Definitely a good stake conference.

Today we’re going to play some touch rugby again.  I’m getting pretty good at it!  It’s really fun.  I want to try to teach to everybody back home how to play.  It’s like football, but instead of being strategic, you’ve just got to be fast and clever.  You have to work together.  It’s a good game.

We’re having a lot of fun.  The members here are fantastic, they take good care of us.  Hope everybody is doing alright back home.  I’m thinking abuot you!  I love you!

-Elder Scott Baker


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