Back to Berwick – in a Trio

February 6, 2011
Hello everybody,
My time is short today because we went to the library, and had to get a guest time limit.  I’ll have more time later.
Remember my first area with Elder Aisa, my trainer?  We worked in Hampton Park, the Samoan ward, but then also worked in Berwick ward whenever there we had time.  I have now returned to my stomping grounds, Berwick, but this time I am the senior companion of a trio-companionship, which does not happen often.  As I drive around and see places and people, I keep having flashbacks of what I did and who I talked to.  The Bourne Identity got it right with how it feels.
Things are different now.  The ward has doubled in size from people moving in.  This also used to be a Zone Leader area, but they took my place in Dandenong.  I am still the District Leader of the same areas, but we have relocated.  If you remember Elder Nebeker from when I was in Shepparton, he is my Zone Leader again.  In the district is also Elder Beck, who came in at the same time as Elder Bartle, so I was there for his whole welcome-to-the-mission orientation.  It’s exciting to make more connections.
My companions are Elder Smith and Elder Peteru. 


Elder Smith & Elder Baker

Elder Talataina & Elder Peteru

Elder Smith just finished his first transfer in training, and so I get to follow-up train.  He is from Adelaide, Australia, and has the thickest Aussie accent you’ve ever heard.  He knows some of the people here.  The small world in the church is small even across the world.  My other companion is Elder Peteru, and this is his last transfer.  He grew up in New Zealand and Sydney, but his family is Samoan.  The Samoans make fun of him because he can’t actually speak Samoan.  Tough break.  He’s had some tough companions for the past few months, so he wants to make his last transfer count.  And here I am in the middle, hitting my year mark this week.  So we cover all the bases: beginning, middle, and end.  Beautiful.

At first I thought a trio would be awkward and cumbersome, but it’s actually a lot of fun.  It’s much more of a team effort, and we support each other.  We rotate while tracting and teaching.  We’re having a lot of fun.
Berwick is a difficult area for finding, as many of the people are very well off financially and don’t feel any need for religion.  We’re focusing on working with the 300 members in the ward to show them and get them to make profiles just as I am sure every single one of you has this past week.  Right?  Good.  They also didn’t hesitate to put me in the stake choir, which I have no problem with.  The members are very generous here.  A recent convert named Bridgett (taught by Elder Nebeker) makes sure to fill up our calendar to have a feed every single night.  It’s wonderful.  🙂
I’m out of time.  Thanks for your letters, I got one from Charles that made my day.  Tell Lar– I mean, Sister Zenger hi and I love her emails too.  Elder Carlile as well.
I love you!
-Elder Baker

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