Curing smoking with appendicitis

October 24, 2010

Hello Friends and Family,

Having watched General Conference over this weekend and hearing the talks of our latter-day Prophet and Apostles, I’m going to open this update a little differently.  I’m going to talk about why I love my life.

I have an awesome family who supports me, talks to me, laughs with me, lifts me, and loves me.  I have things that I need, even though I don’t have every little thing I want, because that is what matters.  I have this weird opportunity to travel all the way to Aussieland and see the people face to face and make friends with them for the sole purpose of helping them.  I get to teach people about God who don’t know enough about him and want to understand.  I get to watch that new knowledge change them.  I get to learn more about God’s true power through what he sends to us and what he leads me to do.  I get to study scriptures closely and clearly see how it relates to me and everybody else.  I get to learn teaching and communication skills that I will be using every day for the rest of my life.  And to top it all off, the sun is shining today.  So things are good.

I would encourage everybody if you didn’t see General Conference to at least read the talks by President Monson and President Uchtdorf, whether you’re a member or not!  And to make it easier, here they are!

Thomas S Monson:

Dieter F Uchtdorf

I learned a lot from these two.  I promise you will too.

Fun with Elders Bartle, Born & Che

So, I’ll talk a little bit about my week.  It was busy as. It started with an exchange with Elder Born over in Echuca, which was a lot of fun.  That Elder is so funny.  He was doing some planning for a youth activity which involved a guitar and some Primary songs.  He used to be in a Christian rock band before he came here!  He started playing some chords to the primary songs, and we started singing “Beautiful Savior” in harmony, and planned out the whole thing to record it for the youth.  I got a video of it, and it’s awesome!  We also got to teach an investigator who is really keen to learn, but she’s also kind of spacey to a point that we wondered if she was sober, even though it was only 11am.  Elder Born says she once fell asleep right in the middle of reading a scripture, and woke up a second later with a startled “Hello! How are you!” as if nothing had happened.  Odd.

While I was in Echuca, Elder Bartle took the lead over in Shepparton with Elder Che, and they worked really hard!  I’m confident that Elder Bartle can take control of this place when it comes time for me to go.

Then, on Wednesday, I had another exchange with the Zone Leaders.  One member we visited had her appendix burst a week and a half ago, and to our delight, she said that since then, she finds no desire to drink coffee or smoke whatsoever!  She couldn’t wait to tell us!  Now all we need to do is learn how to induce appendicitis to other smoking addicts…  We also gave a blessing to a man who recently was a) fired from his work and b) informed that his wife might have cancer.  He told us he’s not religious, but appreciates any help he can get, so we gave him a blessing.  He told us we’re welcome to come by anytime for a drink and a rest, so we’ll take him up on that because we know he’d appreciate it, and you never know when people can change their mind.

Other than that, we are back to basics with finding, and I’m trying some new approaches like “What do you see in this picture?” to a picture of the First Vision.  That one gets interesting results.

On Sunday, Lucinda wasn’t at the General Conference meeting in the morning, so we went over there afterwards with a bit of worry.  We found that Claudia was extremely sick with asthma and possibly pneumonia, and was off to the doctor soon.  We gave her a blessing before they headed off.

I don’t know if I told you before, but Lucinda is pregnant!  She was really happy to tell us.

Okay, we’re a bit low on time, but thank you for all your updates and letters.  I’m trying to get back to everybody, because I did receive some letters that I haven’t gotten the chance to respond to yet, because our preparation days are so busy and writing letters takes AGES.  Today we’re planning to play sports with Ugurcan again, because a) he’s the man, b) it’s way fun, and c) we told him we would.  But thank you for everything.  I love you all!

-Elder Scott Baker


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