This is my 8 month mark! We get to keep our car!!

Elder Baker creating paper mache

October 3, 2010

Elder Bartle Creating paper mache

G’day from down under!

This week was fairly slow, however, we now will be having those 5 investigators baptized this Saturday, all during the same service!  That’s Lucinda and her daughter Claudia, Jada and Ebony who are sisters, and Sa.  It will be a big day.  The whole branch is excited.  The investigators are excited.  We’re excited.  Everybody’s excited.  So you should be excited too.

On the front with Lucinda and her family, Daniel hit the brakes on the stop-smoking program for now and is taking it more in his own hands.  But, he is still happy with us coming over to share messages and chat, and Lucinda and Claudia feel good about their baptism, so we are pleased with that.  On Wednesday, our District Leader Elder Born will be coming with his new greenie Elder Che to interview her and also have dinner.  He’s excited about that, because he was the one who actually first found her and spoke to her.  He and I were on exchanges when we knocked on their door.  Now he gets to see the end result.  At the same time, I will be taking his Chinese friend with me to a Samoan household to break him into a fafaga, or Samoan feast.  That will be interesting.  I now have a passion for Samoan food– taro, raw fish, bananas in coconut oil, and meat meat meat!  So Elder Born gets to have spiritual interviews with Lucinda and Claudia, and I get to stuff my face with protein food at Elder Che’s amazement.  We’re both happy.

Let me talk a bit about Elder Che.  He’s from China, and he learned English in Provo in several weeks.  I first met him at our District meeting.  He is smart as, and picked up English really well.  Even more interesting is that he is a convert.  He went to an LDS meeting in Hong Kong, and was baptized a week later with a missionary lesson blitz.  When he got back home, he taught the Gospel to his family and baptized them as well.  Now he’s a missionary.  Isn’t that incredible?  It was a life turnaround, but that is how valuable that gospel is to him.  We’re lucky to have him.  He’ll be sharing his story at that baptisms.

We were also ecstatic to learn that we get to keep our car.  Woohoo!  That makes things much much easier.

We were also really happy to see Sister Cook at church yesterday, who has not been for over a year.  Elder Faumui and I were working with her almost 4 months ago, and this was a big step.  It took us a lot of visits, but we’re glad to be able to help her.  She’s so much fun.

In other news, Elder Bartle and I are still working well together.  We’re having fun.  He’s an excellent teacher, and he’s also taking more initiative with talking to people.  Sometimes we get lost in conversations regarding people we teach, the gospel, life, and crazy things.  It’s good that he’s still here to see how missionary work develops over time.  What’s interesting is that there is so much he hasn’t yet seen, like zone conference, firesides, transfers, and other mission drama.  He’s getting a solid foundation of basic work, and when the rest of it hits, he’ll understand the fundamentals.  What’s odd is that he’s really not that far behind me and my experience.  Pretty soon he’ll be right in my shoes and understand everything I do, but until then, he’s still running on that enthusiasm and discovery.  I’m just glad that he’s been such a great companion, committed to do what’s necessary, and striving to do it well.  It’s going to take him a long way.

I got the package!  It’s awesome!  Thank you so much!  I love it all.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, this is my 8 month mark! What really shocks me is that this time a year ago I had recently opened my mission call and was working at Glance.  Two years ago I was starting BYU.  Now I’m 1/3 through my mission.  It’s still a long way to go, but I’ve come a long way.  The months are going by faster for me.  I swear I had just hit 6 months like a week ago.  Wow.

All my love to each of you!  Hope everything is working out.

-Elder Scott Baker


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