Mother’s Day Phone Call

May 9, 2010

On Mother’s Day, Scott called us and we were able to talk almost as long as we liked. It was wonderful!
He spent a large percentage of the call talking to Leslie about BYU since she has been trying to figure out if that is the right college for her. One of my favorite comments from Scott was: “BYU operates in its own dimension.” He went on to extol the virtues of BYU. He loved the music program especially and talked about how he would feel the spirit during concerts. He liked that he did not have to hide the spiritual part of himself, and said that he was the happiest he had ever been in his life during his freshman year in college.

He said that when he got in to Emerson, he was worried about what people would think, that Mormon kids would be weird, and that he wouldn’t learn much. He found that NOT to be true. He encouraged Les not to worry so much about what people thought. His concluding statement: “I have a testimony of BYU.”

Scott also talked a bit about what he loves about being a missionary. In his words, “Being able to wear the nametag and a suit gives you unlimited freedom in how far you can go in being a Christlike example to people. It gives you credibility you would not have as a normal person.” He told a few funny stories about people they’ve met, and a few heartwarming stories about people who are improving their lives as a result of their influence. He just sounded good. It was painful to hang up and realize that we don’t get to talk to him for another seven months, but all in all, it was clear he’s in a great place.

He also gave us his wish list: a pocket knife, washable ties (too difficult to get them drycleaned), more music – like movie soundtracks, photos of people, Easy Touch pens, a new wallet to replace the old one, and yes, the Sons of Provo soundtrack (never thought I’d see the day…)

Wish List


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