Not a good thing to lose

April 30, 2010

G’day everyone!

Wow, has it been 3 months already? I’m 1/8th done? New Moon really came out on DVD? What the heck? Poor poor world… ;P I have had one crazy week.

The major detractors/inconveniences of this week were my ingrown toenail and lost wallet. It’s a real pain when worldly necessities interfere with your calling. I want to focus on missionary work, but I’ve had to take time out to take care of these things, which slows down our progress. But don’t worry, I’ll be back on track soon enough.

Elder Petty and I have grown a lot in our working. The past few weeks, we’ve drifted a bit and haven’t been the most productive in finding people to teach and accomplish our purpose. We fixed that during our weekly planning, and have already felt a change in our days. A few things we do:

We’re going to spend at least an hour a day knocking on doors;
We’re going to talk to EVERYBODY and trade-off whose turn it is to initiate contact, that way we can encourage and push each other to go for it. We’ve had some really great conversations from the people we otherwise would have dodged. We’re going to visit less-active members when we can, and ask active members for referrals.

The second one especially has made a huge difference. At one point, we were walking down the street, and a woman was walking down the other side with headphones in. It was my turn, so I crossed the street and loudly said hello, waving. She didn’t see me at first, but then pulled out her headphones and said hi. I walked with her as I gave a quick introduction and asked about her religious background. She was raised Jehovah Witness, but no longer believed. We had a good 10-minute talk with her then about finding faith and what its place is in our lives. We then placed a Book of Mormon with a commitment to read Alma 32, which I think is perfect for her. We then got a phone number to ask her later what she thought of it. Boom, contact.

Another conversation was at a bus stop. Elder Petty’s turn. It was two teenage girls sitting for the bus. We started talking to them. We were just chatting a bit, and then asked us where our religion came from. So I gave a brief restoration story of Joseph Smith. During the explanation, a guy came over for the bus and began to listen. At the end of our story, he then challenged us, “So how do you know Joseph Smith wasn’t full of it like all the others?” Elder Petty said he asked God and God said it was true. The guy said he must have been “on the grass,” i.e. marijuana. Nope. He engaged us a bit more and the girls got totally uncomfortable. I felt so bad for them. He eventually stormed off towards the bus, saying we should go around forcing our religion on people and Bible bash. It’s a shame that that is how he interprets our work, because we weren’t bashing in any way, and we weren’t forcing. We were sharing. But religion is a sensitive topic for some people, and things like that are bound to happen.

Anthony is still doing well, he’s coming to church and enjoying it. He was confirmed yesterday. Great experience. I’m excited to see what changes it makes for him.

Ellen is doing well, but still hasn’t talked to her mom yet. We’re working on that. She wants to be baptized, but until she confronts that fear, it’s not gonna happen. Hopefully when we see her tomorrow, that will be righted.

Tonight we have dinner with some members from Peru. They have this drink called chicha… SO GOOD.

This week, I got letters from Elder Carlile and Mike! They were so great!

Well, my time is about up, but man, it’s crazy that I’m already in May. Time really does go fast when you’re invested in the work, because it’s always pushing forward. I hope the time is passing for you easily as well. I love all of you, thank you for your support. I miss you too, I’m thinking of you. Keep strong.

Smiling wide,
Elder Baker


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