Hello from Australia – What, no coca cola?

March 10: On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference. A short story about that conference… at lunch, the members served us fried chicken, small meat pies (tasted too good… I’ll have to check on the priest’s quorum later), fruit, and soft drinks.  I snagged a Cola.  I was sitting with the Zone Leaders and Sister Lindley (President Lindley’s wife).  She said, “I can’t believe they’re serving cola here!  I’m not sure what to say!”

Elder Jones said, “Oh, yeah.”  And they were looking at me.  “Did we tell you about that?”

I was confused. “Tell me what? …oh no.  Am I not supposed to drink this?”


It was okay, Sister Lindley knew I didn’t know, but she confiscated all the Cola and also chided the Elders who had knowingly transgressed the rule and was saying, “Poor Elder Baker doesn’t know any better and you Elders are setting this example! Go collect the cans!”  It was pretty hilarious.  But I was sad.  I like my cola.

So that was Wednesday, I’ll talk a bit about my splits with Elder Dalton, the other Zone Leader.  He only has 2 months left, so he’s a pro.  I was really excited to work with him.  We tracted for like 2 hours, and he just dives in.  “How you goin?  How’s your day been?  Got any exciting plans for the weekend?” He’s fearless with putting forward a friendly foot, but it works great and sets a good tone.  Some people are like, “What’s it to you?” But they’re just grouchy and sometimes in life we all get that way.  I learned a lot just about ways to answer questions and get a conversation going, but the most important thing is to just be fearless, dive in, and listen carefully.  I’ve been trying to emulate his example since then.

We also managed to talk so someone named Julie for a good twenty minutes.  We taught her about the Restoration right at the door.  She said she would sooner believe in aliens than Jesus Christ, but she was interested to hear just what we had to say to better understand where religious people come from.  Not sure it will go anywhere, but she is curious.  It was perfect, she would say, “Well, sure, people can say they saw God and all these things, but how do we actually know?  Give me some actual proof, that I can hold in my hands, y’know?” Elder Dalton holds out the Book of Mormon.  Hahahaha it was great.  I love teaching, and the two of us worked great.  After that conversation, Elder Dalton was just like, “Man, look at you!  I can just set you loose, you know what you’re doing!”  It was great encouragement.

I love you all! Stay dry.

Elder Scott Baker


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